About Adarsh

Hi, I’m Adarsh Varghese — husband, father, digital consultant, ex-Facebook and Google employee, and musician. Originally from Hyderabad, India –where I lived from March 2003 to June 2017– I’m currently based in Dublin, Ireland.

Thirty-something years ago, my parents named me ‘Adarsh’ which, in Hindi, means, “ideal” or “exemplary” (awkward!). Follow me on Instagram and Facebook so I can finally live up to my name (sort of)! I’ll try to give you some good reasons to.

Getting to know me a little is only a quick skim away. Here goes…

1. WORK:
I’ve spent the past ~15 years working in multiple roles, across different domains. I’ve taught music to school children, worked on software tech support teams at ValueLabs, gained consulting experience at Deloitte, and have worked in numerous ad product, operations and online marketing-related roles at Google and Facebook. Over the years, I’ve developed expertise in online strategy, online advertising and online ad operations.  I started Spangg, a Hyderabad-based marketing agency, in August 2013. At Spangg, I worked with a team and leveraged my expertise to help brands gain meaningful business results via digital media. Look up the old website at Spangg.com — I’m proud of the work we did as a team!
Read more on my LinkedIn profile.

2. I’m a serious foodie. While in Hyderabad, I considered myself an expert on the city’s food scene — I’ve dined at over 250 local restaurants. I’ve also been learning to cook since mid-2018 and have been improving with every passing week. Proof? My daughter recently said to her mom –and I quote– “I never not like anything my father cooks!”

3. Travelling to new places, immersing myself in new cultures and meeting new people makes me happy!
I’ve travelled to over 16 countries and counting. Road trips are my favourite way to travel. I’ve road-tripped across most of central, east and south India and highly recommend exploring India by road. Speaking of road trips, our 9-day drive across the UK in 2017 was memorable! We spent a week driving around Greece in April 2019. Fun!

4. My favourite way to unwind and be creative is by composing, practising, recording and performing music with my mates from SpeakEasy Brownie. Read more about my music here.

5. I’m the Secretary of the Dublin Chapter —Dublin 203— of Round Table International. Our organisation focuses on facilitating friendships and networking among men and supporting the local community through fundraising and charity events. Read more about Round Table International here.

For those of you that know me well, thanks for stopping by! Please read and comment on my blog posts, and make me feel important on my social media accounts. Actually, the previous line applies to everyone. Ha! 🙂